Things to do in Canberra

Canberra is a city that everyone will wish to pay a visit to. This is the capital city of Australia that is carefully planned. There are a number of things in this city that one can do in addition to having a chance of seeing them. Therefore, having a thoughtful plan can make any traveller to make the most of his/her trip in it.

It is the best city for those who love spending their time outdoors. They have a chance of seeing a number of things in this city. This is also the same for the people who love the opportunity of touring the museums and sampling of the food items that are locally made. There a number of indoor attractions that you can pay a visit to, starting with the National Portrait Gallery, the National Museum of Australia is located at this city, and the National Dinosaur Museum which attracts a number of tourists. Furthermore, you can enjoy paying a visit to the CSIRO Discovery Centre for Science and the Deep Space Communications Complex of Canberra.

The outdoor attractions that are popular in this city are the National Rose Gardens, the Red Hill Nature Reserve, and the Australian National Botanical Gardens.

National Attractions

Through the fact that Canberra being the capital of Australia, it forms a Centre for a number of national institutions. As a result, each and every visitor has a chance of using his/her time to have a look at the best museums that are located in this country. Furthermore, Canberra being the capital city, it provides free admission, which makes it easier for further stretching of the visitor’s travel budget. The city has a got a modernised museum that charts the whole history of Australia starting with the original inhabitants who were aboriginal and their associated technology to the modern inhabitants of this country. Others things are available in the city are the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex, and the National Gallery of Australia.

 National Outdoor Attractions

Canberra is also recognised as a home to a number of national outdoor attractions. To start with, we have the Australian National Botanical Garden that is located in this city. This place makes it possible for a number of visitors to observe a large variety of the native type of plant species. There is also the Red Hill Nature Reserve which gives visitors a chance of observing a large number of native type of wildlife species like the kangaroos. Furthermore, there is the National Rose Gardens which offers different varieties of roses to see. The Commonwealth Park is what makes this city to be popular, and is the place that forms Canberra’s heart.