The Protection enters the bank through the offer of insurance products

Now the product spectrum is expanding and it is always easier for savers to receive offers in the insurance field; first of all the mortgage insurance, which at the time of stipulation is proposed as an accessory service, but necessary for the disbursement of the loan itself.

From today also other insurance products, dedicated to the protection of heritage and human capital, have been introduced.

But what is the future of the insurance industry? And above all, what do Italians think of the new commercial strategies adopted by the banks?

This is the main theme of the #Consapentemente episode, during which savers will be asked to also give an opinion on their degree of trust towards credit institutions and insurance companies.

In addition, the aspects that distinguish the offer made at bank branches from those made through consultancy professionals will be studied in depth. Guest of the episode Gionata Cerri , Sales Manager of CNP Partners.


It was the propensity of Italians to save and the consequent fertile ground created for the asset management and insurance companies to inspire #Consapably , the new Le Fonti format in collaboration with CNP Partners . This impulse, in fact, is not always combined with an adequate knowledge of the world of investments.

The program has a dual purpose; on the one hand, Italian investors will be educated in the field of investments, on the other they will want to provide precise information and valuable suggestions for the professional public: financial consultants, private bankers, but also freelancers such as accountants, lawyers and insurance brokers.

Consciously, it is a monthly TV format and all the issues related to savings and investments are dealt with. To lead the new TV program, Annalisa Lospinuso , one of the faces symbol of Le Fonti TV. Beside her in every episode a CNP Partners expert tries to offer important ideas to support the financial awareness of Italians by debunking commonplaces and preconceptions about asset management and the insurance world.

Thanks to a modern language and punctual management, the format starts from the point of view of Italian savers, involved through a vox populi that tries to make a cross-section of the common thought of Italians on the different themes. Added to the view of savers is that of the professional public of the consultants who are involved through an online survey reserved for them and which seeks to outline the sentiment of the experts.

The degree of interaction with the host and guests therefore remains very high, thanks also to the possibility of the live audience to send questions via a WhatsApp message or through the integrated chat within the Le Fonti TV player.

Thanks to this format, Le Fonti TV further renews its commitment to spreading awareness in the economic and financial field, a mission that distinguishes the company in all the activities carried out.