Tria: ‘With the EU we will find agreement. Minibot is not the subject of government ‘

Economy Minister Giovanni Tria is “sure” that an agreement will be found with Brussels on the imbalance of accounts, just as it is equally certain that the story of the minibots, which he declassified as an exchange of views, will not be “treated at the level of government”.

From Fukuoka, at the end of the two days of work of the financial G20, the minister recalled that on the procedure and on the deficit there is “a negotiation and a dialogue with the EU Commission and I am sure that we will find a solution because the Italian government is usually to respect the EU budget rules “. Later, “we will try to show that our program respects them. We must discuss how to measure some indicators and this is the situation”. On the deficit, instead, “we will go below around 2.2-2.1%”, he pointed out again, recalling that “expectations are those written in the Def”.

In other words, the message is that the traced framework is in line with the path agreed with the EU and can be respected without any corrective action, using the savings of citizenship income and quota 100, as well as all those generated by other items, such as dividends. On the minibots, suggested by the League to pay off the debts of the public administration, the question for the minister is closed, despite comments on the re-launch of the forces that support the executive. “I do not think there is an interesting discussion because we have discussed some opinions, but it is not a major issue that we will be dealing with at the government level,” he stressed. Various issues were discussed in the bilateral and in the G20 meetings: for example, the global economy with the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin; of OECD with his general secretary Angel Gurria; of a specific project with Kristalina Georgieva, CEO of the World Bank. “This is about opening in Rome of a research center that is aimed at studies on migration and Africa, and related topics. We have discussed it and it is going forward, “explained Tria.

On the other hand, with European leaders from Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands, there was a round of opinions on various topics under discussion: the ISSM, the Eurozone budget and preparations for Luxembourg’s Ecofin. And then the EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Pierre Moscovici. A definite constructive meeting, part of a confrontation path. “I really felt that Minister Tria is aware of what he has to do”, commented Moscovici, for what appears to be an assist on the minister attacked by Rome for his sentences on the minibots. Moscovici, who said he was convinced that the trial will be complete before the current commission lapses, said he saw “broad support for the approach taken”.