What Belongingness Can Do To An Employee

Business leaders must keep their employees feel they belong. Belongingness is where employees feel supported, accepted, included and secure. There are many reasons why employees need to feel they belong.

If an employer/business leader becomes successful in making their employees feel they belong, the benefit will not only be for the employee but the business as well. Below are some of the effects of belongingness to an employee:

They tend to work beyond their call of duty

Instead of just finishing their tasks, they will extend their help to others who need assistance.

They will not see work as a burden

Expect that employees who feel they belong are motivated to work every day with a smile. They will report to work every day and finish their tasks faster and more effectively.

They will remain loyal

If they feel that they belong, they will not consider looking for other opportunities outside the company. They will stay with the company and will do their best to keep their employment.

They will say nothing but good words to your company

There is no one better to attest to how good your company is than your employees. If they feel that they belong, they will make sure that the people around them see nothing but good qualities about your company, hence increasing your trust rating and reliability.

How to keep belonging in the workplace

There are many ways to improve belongingness in the workplace, and to name some of them, read below:

Run a survey

It can be about your leadership, the company’s ambience, the newly renovated pantry, changes they want in the workplace like office desk or tables, the policy, and so on. Making their input count is a good way to make them feel that they are important.

Let their achievements be recognised

Make sure that their achievements are recognised by the company. It can be by giving awards, rewards, posting their names on the bulletin board, etc. Let them know that all the things they do are recognised and not left unnoticed. This will motivate them and the rest of their peers to do well.

Create activities where all employees can participate

Regular team buildings, parties, and town halls are a few of the activities you can create for the employees. These activities will not only make employees feel that they belong but can also strengthen the team’s camaraderie. Being able to work in a place where everyone knows everybody can create a strong and productive relationship within the workplace.


Make your employees feel that their professional growth is important for your business. Mentoring through coaching, one on one sessions and goal planning can help employees strive better and perform well. Share one goal and keep the employees informed about their strengths and weaknesses, things to improve on and possible promotions.

Implement an open-door policy

Two-way communication is very important for employees. By implementing an open-door policy, the employees can feel that they have someone to approach in case of issues about their work. They will not be in any way, feel lost or helpless.

Belongingness is very important not just for the employees but for the business as well. Making ways to make everyone have a sense of belonging in the workplace and how to fit in is the responsibility of the business leaders that should not be taken aside.