What do you need to know about iPad battery replacement?

If you think that your iPad needs a battery replacement, there is good news. It is a non complex job and quite affordable. There are certain signs which show you that you need a battery replacement. You have the option of getting the replacement from an Apple store or from any other technician you come across.

Who can help with iPad battery replacement?

Although iPad batteries can be replaced, you need to make sure that you take it to the right technician. Replacing the battery can enhance the device’s performance and fix problems related to the battery. Your iPad will stop overheating  and will not drain fast.

 If you’re wondering, whether it’s worth replacing the battery, then yes it is a good idea. If your device is working well apart from the battery problem, you must consider replacing the battery.

 However, if your device is older than four years and you think that the latest features and technology are important, you might consider replacing it.

Signs indicating your iPad needs battery replacement

  •  If your iPad has a diminished battery life and you’ll find that it is not functioning well, you need to check the battery life yourself. For this you’ll need to go in settings and tap on the battery. You can see the battery level and it will show what has been using the battery.
  • If the iPad is charging slowly then usual, the battery may have degraded. Even with the fast charger it is taking longer to charge the device. You will also notice that the phone takes much longer to charge up fully.
  •  A degraded battery cannot handle the normal function and will overheat.  You will notice that the iPad has unexpected shutdowns. Sometimes even when your iPad is at 50%. These malfunctions indicate that the battery needs replacing.

You can check the  battery health by going to settings tapping on privacy and security and then on analytics and improvements. After that go to analytics data and tap on analytics file. take a look at the cycle count, you will see a number and the percent symbol. this indicates the battery’s percentage level and you’ll be able to find a cycle count located in the same area a battery that is a year older will have a 95% battery percentage. One which is two to three years older will have the percentage between 90 to 80%

You can also find diagnostic apps for iPad battery health. They will do the checks and diagnose problems when they occur. These apps have free and paid subscription but it will help you monitor your battery health telling you the percentages and showing you the charging cycles.

 If you think that this is complicated for you and something that you do not prefer to deal with on your own, visit PTC ipad battery replacement services.  They can check the status of your battery health and advise you about a replacement.