What to Do After a Car Accident

What are you supposed to do after getting involved in a car accident? Accidents are inevitable and they can happen to anybody even with the best driving skills. When it happens, injuries may be inflicted on people on board. Injuries inflicted may be fatal and people might lose their lives, at the scene emotions may be high, there are certain steps to follow while at the scene. These are the most important steps to follow when an accident occurs if possible:

Keep calm and remain at the scene

It is not advisable for anyone involved in an accident to leave the scene until it is appropriate. For example, if your car hit someone and died on the spot or sustained serious injuries, leaving the scene will culminate to hit and run which attracts a capital traffic offence.

Assess all onboard

The priority is to assess the people onboard in both vehicles involved or if it was a single car involved in an accident, give priority to lives before accessing the property. Call for medical attention for those who sustained injuries and anyone who needs urgent medical examination. If someone becomes unconscious or seems to have back or neck pain, do not move them but call for a medical specialist to arrive unless the person is in hazardous conditions that require immediate evacuation such as fire or smoke.

Call the authorities

If there is serious damage to property or injuries to people on board, call the traffic police immediately, as soon as they arrive, allow them to assess and write a report at the scene about the accident and take note of the batch numbers of the responding officers.

Exchange info with the driver involved

Take note of all the details about the driver involved (i.e address, phone number, basic insurance cover information) and try as much as possible to keep cool and cordial to the other driver. But don’t make any apology at the scene, you may admit to a legal liability unknowingly. After the accident, you might not know who was at fault. In any case, try as much as possible not to admit it unintentionally.

Seek witness information if any

Enquire from every witness and take notes on what they say about the incident. Write down or type up their details like address, name, phone number, and so on. Ask locals from the area if they have ever witnessed accidents on the same spot or nearby.

Call your insurer promptly

If you get involved in an accident, let your insurer know about this as soon as possible. Cooperate and tell the truth about the incident and furnish them with details about casualties and injuries sustained. Give them the real facts about the incident because if they find out anything malicious, then you are brewing trouble, your cover might get rejected. Read the police report thoroughly to understand who was at fault and who broke the traffic laws so you can speak with certainty to your insurer.

Take pictures if possible

Take real photos of cars involved in an accident as proof of damage, these pictures will help the insurer in determining how much you should be compensated. Also, keep track of medical expenses for yourself and people you were both involved with or those who sustained injuries.

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